October 31, 2015

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 60 Years of Quality Yacht Hardware

C&C Yachts Grampus Klacko hardware

Established in the 1960s, Martin Klacko started building metal parts for Erich Bruckmann’s Custom Boatworks in Bronte. Amidst the sailboat boom of the 70s, Klacko was the lead fabricator for C&C Yachts and a number of major Canadian yacht builders. Many new product developments in marine metalworking is owed to Martin and are still common place today.

In the late 80s, Klacko Marine established the well known fabrication shop on Third Line. During this expansion the workshop was busy fabricating metal parts for all the major builders of the time as well as custom projects for all types of industry.

By the early 90s, Martin Klacko decided to focus on supplying commercial clients with production stainless steel and aluminum in Grimsby, Ontario. Despite a downturn in the boating industry, the Grimsby shop was busier than ever and produced many interesting and successful products.

During this time, Martin’s younger brother Danny Klacko continued with the Spar Division in Oakville under the new name Klacko Spars. Today, Tim and Daniel are actively running day to day operations at the Oakville Spar Location.

In 1995, Doug Gierula began apprenticing alongside Martin at the Grimsby Klacko Facility. During his apprenticeship, Doug also completed degrees in Biochemistry at Queen’s and Mechanical/Chemical Engineering at McMaster. Upon Martin’s retirement, Doug took the helm of Klacko Marine as the company’s new owner and lead fabricator.

In 2015 and onward, Klacko Marine operations have moved to a new Niagara facility in St.Catharines, Ontario.

Klacko Spars and Klacko Marine are two separate companies, but to this day work jointly in providing the yachting community with high levels of fabrication service and expertise.

More history on Klacko’s contributions can be found in the following article by Rob Mazza.

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