Anchoring 101

Science, Art and Experience

Came across this really well put together Anchoring article. Click here for the full version Canadian Yachting May 2020 edition. We really enjoy our subscription and learn something new with every edition. Subscribe today and support Canadian Yachting.

canadian yachts anchoring article klacko

Hinterhoeller got it right early in the game with their bowsprit anchor roller with integrated Pulpit. Nice anchoring solution found on both the Niagara and Nonsuch lineups.

Over the years, Klacko has spent considerable time on the bench working with different anchors, windlass’, rollers and their respective boats. It’s never as easy as it looks and most yacht designers/builders never gave much thought beyond 2D drawings (there are exceptions). As such we are often tasked with retrofitting existing or nonexisting setups to work with todays new anchor styles like the Rocna.

From modifications and bolt on solutions to full weldments and bowsprits, we’ve been there and done that.

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