October 21, 2016

Marine Arch Design

Our arches speak for themselves.

Klacko Marine is one of the most influential and respected designers¬†of marine dinghy arches. With over 300 arches built to date, we strive to fabricate custom arches that meet our client’s most demanding needs the World over.

designed arch by klackoWhen we design an arch, it is specifically tailored to your requirements…each fabrication is one of a kind.

Lifting your dinghy and mounting equipment like solar panels, wind turbines and communications gear has never been easier. Cruisers love the functionality to make life aboard safe, simple and organized.

Our design and measurement process is very straight forward. This process allows us to build and fabricate arches without ever visiting the vessel, however we are happy to travel to your boat if you wish.

Shipping is available throughout Canada and the United States. For interests abroad and where shipping is not feasible, we are happy to offer our design services.

Drop us an email or contact us by phone for an estimate or any questions.

To view some of our creations feel free to browse our ARCH GALLERY for many popular brands inlcuding Beneteau, Jeanneau, Hanse & Dufour.