Very clean Catalina 445 Arch

Integrated Solar and Davits, make this arch a must have Catalina option

catalina 445 arch davit solar klacko catalina 445 arch klacko catalina 445 davit solar

Crafted to exceed the client’s high standards, a sturdy stainless arch was constructed to support a 400W solar array and various antennas for GPS, WiFi, VHF, as well as a future wind turbine installation. The dinghy lift system was custom-designed to meet the client’s specific needs, ensuring seamless and easy handling of their tender. To maintain the vessel’s original aesthetics and functionality, the existing Catalina sternrail was seamlessly integrated, preserving the factory seating, speaker setup, and motor mounts.

The client has enthusiastically reported that the arch is an indispensable upgrade for any dedicated cruiser, greatly simplifying the process of hoisting the dinghy. Additionally, the solar panels ensure that the battery bank remains fully charged, providing reliable power while moored, without the need for shore power connections.

catalina 445 davit arch