Very clean Catalina 445 Arch

445 klacko arch

Integrated Solar and Davits, make this arch a must have Catalina option

IMG_2457 IMG_2455 IMG_2454


Catalina 445 Stainless Arch. Constructed to the high expectations of the client. A robust arch was built to provide mounting for 400W of solar power, misc antennae for GPS, Wifi, VHF and future wind turbine. The dinghy lift was fabricated to fit the clients requirements for effortless lifting and storage of his tender. The original Catalina sternrail was integrated to keep the OEM configuration with seating, speakers and motormounts.

Client has reported that their arch is a must have option for the serious cruiser and makes lifting the dinghy effortless. Solar array keeps the battery bank charged with no compromises while on the hook and away from shore power.

catalina 445 davit arch 445 klacko arch