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For many years, Klacko have worked with the team at Cruising Solutions. Cruising Solutions was founded and developed by people like you who enjoy the cruising lifestyle and pursue it at every opportunity. The challenges they faced in acquiring the “right” equipment to support life under sail and their ultimate decisions may well be worth your consideration when making similar choices.

Cruising is not just a hobby or even a lifestyle. It is a life! The equipment that supports this “Life at Sea” must be reliable, efficient and affordable.

We lived that life for 12 years. We logged over 70,000 Nautical Miles from Newfoundland to the Caribbean and through the Great Lakes. We met thousands of fellow cruisers and have researched hundreds of products, many of which were recommended by others. We have tested them in the real world and refined, re-designed or merely distribute the ones that we found worked best for us. Every product that we sell has been personally tested and approved and you can call us for directions, advice or even if you have found something that works better. 

We maintain substantial inventory so over 90% of all orders are shipped within 24 hours and products not in stock are generally direct-shipped from the manufacturer to save time and money.

Our prices are competitive with any other retailer; web-based, mail-order or store-front. If you find it cheaper elsewhere, chances are it’s not the same product. Please let us know. Ready to make your boating more enjoyable? Then check out the rest of our site.

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You may contact us via phone or text at 864-275-7837 or by email at

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