January 8, 2017

Getting Started

Get your Project going!

  1.  A picture is worth a thousand words… photos, sketches or weblinks help get the message across quickly 
  2. No idea is a bad idea, feel free to brainstorm with us…  and no need to hold back… we will bring you back to reality If necessary.
  3. What is your budget?     Please be realistic about what you want to accomplish and for how much. 
  4. Keep an open mind, we may just surprise you with our many years of fabrication experience and ideas.

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Klacko Marine Hardware

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • My boat is not in Ontario, can you help us? Yes, most often our clients are spread far and beyond. We have extensive experience working on projects from a distance with an incredible success rate….from Toronto to the Caribbean.
  • I don’t have a boat and need something fabricated that is not marine related.We work in all industries from homes to airplanes and breweries to museum exhibits. Our abilities and experience in metal fabrication allow us to take on a wide variety of projects….and if we can’t do it, we can recommend someone who can.
  • Do you provide installation services? No, we prefer to focus on our strengths. However we can guide you through the process if you are DIY er or happily recommend an experienced professional.
  • Do you offer mobile welding and fabrication services? Yes, as long shore or wall power is available we can weld right on your boat. The TIG welding process is very clean and there are no sparks or large amounts of heat to worry about. We are fully insured.
  • Is Custom work is expensive Our work is based on labour and material.
    • Projects tend to become expensive when there is a lot of indecision, bad planning or our recommendations are not heeded.
  • What metals do you work with? 95% of our work is in stainless steel, but we can easily work in aluminum, steel, bronze and exotics.
    • If it’s metal and on a boat, we’ve likely been there and done that! So feel free to ask for advice
  • Is that Chrome? No, all of our stainless is mirror polished. If you scratch it, there is just more stainless underneath…no layers or coatings.
    • 98% of our stainless steel is 316L and comes from North American Foundries.
    • We can recommend re-chroming services if you need to chrome or replate a metal part.
  • I have a DIY project, can I buy material or a la carte services from you?Of course, we have a large stock of premium marine grade plate and mirror finish tubing
    • We offer a wide range of fabrication services including
      • Polishing
      • Tube bending
      • Laser cutting
      • Plate shearing and bending
      • Bronze patina or aging
      • Powdercoating, anodizing and electropolishing
      • TIG and MIG welding of aluminum, steel and stainless steel
  • Are there two Klacko’s in Ontario?Find out the history of Klacko Marine here
  • Do you offer Design Services?Yes we are happy to provide design services or consultation on your project.
radar arch installation