May 6, 2020

Solar Power

The Future’s bright

Klacko Marine is continuing to offer solar panels and controllers to the Marine industry by request only. We are now a supplier of Victron Energy Products, please email us directly for competitive pricing.

We’ve included some verified suppliers at the bottom of this post that offer consistent stock and marine electronics consultation.

Marine Solar Panels and LiFePo4 Batteries

Marine Solar Mounting Systems

At Klacko Marine, we do not get into the design or installation of electronic/charging systems. We do however specialize in the mounting and design for many off-grid products. From Solar Arches to Battery Boxes, we’ve got you covered.

Catalina Yachts Solar Panel Array DIY

Victron Energy Charge Controllers

This brand of controllers is by far the most recommended for their ease of install and use. Bluetooth connectivity and a great Smartphone App make them the no 1. choice by sailors and marine installers.

Victron Energy Sailing provides a huge range of useful information, guides and power requirement calculators. Their equipment is as good as it gets for blue water cruisers. Their software integration is regularly updated and very user friendly.

Epever are also a great economic choice. They are the more economical and less frills controller choice. You will see in the reviews and forums they are gaining a solid reputation and are often found for great prices on Amazon or Solar Shopping Mall.

Epever Solar Charge Controller

Solar on a Boat Facebook group is a recommended resource and a very user friendly knowledge base. Its for all things ‘On Water & Off Grid’. We’ve found that most marine situations and power setups are actively covered by the wide group of sailors and professional installers.

Marine How To is one of the better sources of information that includes DIY boating projects such as high output alternators, LiFePo Battery installations and many other marine electric topics.

Check out our Klacko solar installation, DIY and information blog page here.

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Disclaimer – This is purely for educational and research purposes, We are in no way responsible for any monetary loss/gain you make using this, I highly encourage you to view this as a learning resource and not as professional advice.