Trifold Midship Ladder

swim ladder midship

Custom built for midship gate boarding on a Niagara 35

At the request of a long time client, we created a stainless steel tri-fold boarding swim ladder. The aft ladder on the Niagara Yachts are not the most accessible, especially when fitted with an arch davit and dinghy. They traditionally are also too short and do not have enough steps go below the waterline for easy climbing.

Using the genoa tracks, we used some salvaged SS Meriman track cars to land our mounting hinges. This also allows the owner to quickly switch from port to starboard depending on their needs…..and a few less holes to drill and bed in the deck!trifold swim ladder

The new ladder is 3 hinged sections, 7 custom steps and 75″ long so there is lots of footing below the water. Electropolished finish will stand up the harshest ocean conditions for years to come. When folded up it is also in line with the stanchion lifeline height, so the boat’s aesthetics are not compromised. Not pictured are the hull standoffs welded on after photos and fitting.

Pricing; typically a Klacko Tri-fold ladder ranges from 900-1500.00 depending on the options and final design requirements. Bi-Fold ladders range from 300-900.00 depending on options.

We specialize in different or custom swim ladder solutions, so feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.