March 1, 2020

The Arch Professionals

Quality, Craftsmanship and Experience

From the davit lift system to antenna & solar mounts, all of our arches are seamlessly integrated to your sailboat. With well over 500 builds to date, Klacko is the leading fabricator of custom arches for your cruising needs.

Klacko Marine’s consultation process is comprehensive, from start to finish. Our personal customer service and extensive knowledge base is the key to a successful project. We know metal and boats.

Pricing and lead times can be requested by email or phone. An extensive portfolio of our sailboat arch fabrication can be found here

Photo Gallery of Popular Yacht Brands

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long have you been building Arches?
    • Klacko has been in the Marine fabrication business since 1960. Our first sailboat arch was in the early 70s.
  • What kind of input can a client have on their arch?
    • Every arch Klacko builds is custom built for the client and their requirements
    • One on One’ consultation from start to finish
  • What does a Klacko Sailboat Arch Cost?
    • Depending on your boat size, location and options chosen, budget between 8-15k
    • We provide a full and detailed estimate based on location, vessel and client requirements.
  • Can you ship a Tower in a Box style arch?
    • We do not provide or recommend universal or flat packed arches. In our opinion you can not attain the quality and strength necessary for a proper ocean rated davit arch.
  • Many names for an arch…which one is it?
    • Cockpit, Radar, Solar, Davit, Fishing tower, Arche en Inox, Rollbar…. they are all the same to us. #arch
  • What material do you work with?
    • All our material is USA manufactured marine grade 316L Stainless Steel
  • Do you have the measurements for my boat?
    • Yes, we have a large library of boat dimensions, however with boats…they are all unique and always need a second look.
  • Do you provide in house canvas services?
    • No, however we will happily work with a Canvas Mfg of your choosing for a fully integrated design package
    • If you are starting out or replacing your old canvas, we highly recommend installing the arch before doing canvas work.
  • Can you integrate our existing canvas system
    • Yes, in most cases we are able to integrate your canvas into our arch system. Sometimes, you can expect some small canvas modifications to get things perfect
  • What the best way to get Arch Pricing or Estimate?
    • Start by emailing us some photos of your boat. Please include shots of the bimini and mounting areas for the arch (deck toerail area).
Beneteau 48 Klacko Arch