CB750 || Collaboration with NVP Custom Motorcycles

Honda CB750 Project

Klacko was proud to assist NVP Cycles in their bold endeavour to meld the new with the old.

For the single sided swingarm conversion Nick found a near new 2012 Ducati Monster 1100 Evo and was able to secure the entire back half of the bike, a very clever decision as retro fitting other components can become very tricky. Fitting such a unique and far more modern swingarm to an older frame leaves only two options for fitment, modifying the frame or modify the swingarm to fit. Nick chose the latter and it’s a sensible choice as such changes at such a crucial mounting point can drastically alter the integrity of the frame. Also a more than handy woodworker, he’s built all the furniture in his home, Nick knows the importance of measure twice cut once (He measured a lot more than twice). Knowing the exact figures he machined the swingarm down removing a few millimetres of material from each side and using custom bronze shouldered bushings fitted the Ducati rear into the Honda frame with the standard axle.

*Featured in Pipeburn Magazine this Month*

Honda CB750

Ducati Monoshock Rear Swingarm

Triumph Front Triple tree

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