Stainless Exhaust Otter & Muskrat Guards

Protect Your Powerboat

Lasercut Marine exhaust screen by Klacko Marine Inc.
When Muskrats Attack, Are You Covered?

Any boat that has a wet exhaust with a discharge opening of about three inches or larger, is at risk.  Because, a Muskrat, Water Rat, Otter, or other vermin, can and will swim up into your exhaust. They chew through a coupling hose to the inside of the boat or make a den.  Rodents & vermin will usually look for underwater entrances, leading upwards to hollowed out chambers. This is how many boats can sink, even while tied to the dock. Protect your investment! Marine insurance policies typically exclude damage caused by ‘vermin’, which includes muskrats & otters.

klacko muskrat guard to protect your engine from damage
muskrat otter guard press fit DIY by klacko marine
muskrat otter guard outdrive exhaust powerboat
This guard above is a little bit different to accommodate the bronze oval exhaust casting.

Our guards and screens are custom made to the internal diameter of your exhaust system or mountable from the exterior.

otter muskrat guard searay klacko

Because, Klacko can custom lasercut otter and muskrat guards to your specifications there is always a perfect install. Very cost effective versus our competitors and made in 316L Stainless Steel. Custom logos and branding available.

Muskrat photo