Kestrel’s Low Profile Solar Installation

A new way to mount solar over your bimini

We are constantly asked if a Standard Canvas Bimini can support glass solar panels safe and effectively. The answer is a resounding NO. Well maybe with flexible panels….but thats another topic for later.

Of course we all have dockmates who have loaded their bimini tops up with one or two solar panels and sailed the lakes for 20yrs with no issues. However, I have lost count of the number of stories I’ve heard that when these lake cruisers head south and into real ocean conditions….how fast a perceived ‘tested’ system is suddenly off the boat and sinking to the bottom. Finally a good solution if you don’t want a full blown arch.

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On typical DIY installs you will see the 1″ bimini frames tied in with tiny set screwed bimini deck fittings that just can not handle the dynamic loads of ocean swells and wave action, especially laterally. It may be okay in calm lake conditions but not for bluewater.

So the age old solutions to solar mounting has been; rear davit cross bars, lifelines, fwd deck or on top of the dodger. Our complete davit solar arch is by far the best solution however is not always an economical route. As such, we have developed a smaller and minimal arch for just solar panel mounting alone. This design is then tied into the sternrail pushpit for addition stability with solid 1″ struts (not pictured).

klacko solar arch 2
klacko solar arch
Bimini Solar Frame single arch