Saga 43 Radar Arch

Saga Yachts

Klacko was proud to be the OEM metal hardware supplier for the Saga 35, 43, 48 and 409. We actively work with the Yahoo Saga Owners group to give advice and provide OEM solutions. We are able to reproduce or refurbish most metal hardware on your Saga Marine Yacht. The Radar arch on the Saga line of yachts is a pioneer in utilizing swing arm davits for safe and secure dinghy lifting. The arch also allows space to accomodate solar panels, wind turbines and various GPS, VHF and AIS electronic antennas in a clean and minimalist package.

arch windgen klacko

In moderate 15-knot breezes, the Saga 43 will do an honest 7.5 knots beating to weather with the full main and self-tacking jib. Crack off to a beam reach, furl up the jib, unfurl the genoa and you can expect to see speeds around 10 knots. The helm is light and well balanced saga klacko hardware saga 43 klacko saga arch klacko saga arch