klacko bench woodgrain design

Klacko Design: Public Bench Design

Klacko has been awarded the design contract to design the Park Benches for this Project; A Burlington park is undergoing a massive renewal project this year, and it officially started in June. According to the city’s website, a number of exciting improvements are coming to Tansley Woods Park. A few of these improvements a new playground with
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muskrat damaged exhaust

Stainless Exhaust Otter & Muskrat Guards

Any boat that has a wet exhaust with a discharge opening of about three inches or larger, is at risk.  Because, a Muskrat, Water Rat, Otter, or other vermin, can and will swim up into your exhaust. They chew through a coupling hose to the inside of the boat or make a den.  Rodents &
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swim ladder midship

Triple Folding Stainless Boarding Ladder

A regular item on our shop bench. The triple fold swim ladder is excellent at getting more ladder below the waterline. Having more steps below the waterline makes getting up the ladder much easier. We also integrate our custom stainless steps for zero maintenance and easy on the bare feet (bare tube just hurts too
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Klacko TIG weld stainless steel tube

Custom Metal Fabrication Misc!

A small Winery Equipment job to fabricate a tank dolly and storage rack out of high grade stainless steel that works on multiple surfaces and high loads. Accessibility railing in 2″ stainless steel for a lakefront property that needed to be mounted on varied surfaces and removable for winter storms. 316L Stainless Steel tube was
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stainless exhaust tip

Custom GO FAST boat exhaust tips

We were asked to create some custom exhaust tips for a Cigarette in order to incorporate aftermarket baffles that were proud of the boat’s transom. Laser cut rings were made to duplicate existing bolt holes and 5″ stainless steel polished tube was cut, welded and polished to the owner’s high standards.