Birds Eye view of a Beneteau 46 Oceanis

Some awesome aerial sailing footage from Take the Waters

Added entertainment to check out with some breathtaking aerial drone footage by an awesome cruising couple.

Definitely a favourite YT channel here at Klacko Marine. Subscribe and check out their blog & patreon site which they have posted some great articles and sailboat projects.

Take the Waters

UPDATE from our friends,


It’s been a while – by a while, I mean a year. What happened? Where have we been? Why did we just drop off social media earth?! Well…

🌴 Our last episode & post left off with us in The Bahamas, where we spent many glorious, sand frolicking months. But there was a pattern. We were spending most of our time filming, and more time editing, that we weren’t being truly present. We were once asked “are you okay in there?” when we hadn’t emerged from our floating cocoon in days. What are we doing this for? Our sabbatical is now, experience it! We kept filming, but we stopped editing – and it was lovely!

⛵️ Situations changed and we ended up not sailing as far as planned. It wasn’t for lack of enjoyment, strength, or grit. Perspectives, priorities, and circumstances can just change when you’re out there. We weren’t regretting anything, and we still don’t, but as we were nearing 2 years onboard, it was time for a sabbatical from our sabbatical. We parted ways with sweet Shonto – our first boat home together, and certainly not our last. A very bittersweet moment & we think of our time with her fondly.

🚚 We packed up what little belongings we had and went north in search of an Annapolis home, hurricane free waters, and more boats! We’re now both on local ⛵️ race teams and there’s schemes for boat #2. We planned to continue producing episodes, but life is busy and it’s difficult to get to. For instance, we’re in month 9 of a mega-beast remodeling project – 😂 we even joked about starting a remodeling channel!

🎥 Speaking of channel, @youtube kinda did us dirty. We were notified our channel was being demonetized for improper viewer activity? We lost our ad revenue and ability to contact a rep, leaving us with no way of understanding what happened or attempt to rectify it. Revenue was never why we were doing it, but it still left us confused, disappointed, and with a bad taste in our mouth for the platform. Creating videos is still a passion and soon we hope to share the rest of the story with you!

So, we may not be liveaboards now, but we’re still sailors, still water lovers. Emerging from our cocoon once again – we’ll pop in more often 😊